Contract of Sale

Maison Jolie

  • I will always help to re-home or take back any puppy I have bred at any stage of his or her life should it become necessary. However, full refunds will only be given in the first 14 days on health grounds.
  • To the best of my knowledge this puppy, at the point of sale is of good health. None the less, as the new owner you may wish to take the puppy to be checked by your own veterinary surgeon at your own expense. If your vet finds that there are any problems within the first 14 days of sale and in his/her opinion renders the puppy unfit for sale, as a responsible breeder I will take the puppy back and refund the purchase price in full on condition that the puppy is in the same state of condition to which it was sold. The puppy must also be accompanied with a full report from the owner’s Veterinary surgeon explaining any issues that may be with the puppy.
  • Before you purchase a puppy it must be recognised that the puppy is a living being and is likely to become a very much loved member of the family in a short period of time which in the case of return, I can not be held responsible for the upset and distress caused by the return of the puppy after drawing your attention to this possibility.

New puppy owner

  • I believe that I will be able and intend to meet the puppy’s future health and welfare needs
  • neither I nor any member of my household has been cautioned for or convicted of an animal welfare law violation such as neglect, cruelty or abandonment
  • In the event that I am no longer able or willing to provide a home for the puppy otherwise to meet the puppy’s future health and welfare needs I will contact the breeder and have regard for any advice and recommendations that the breeder

We are committed to finding the best and homes for our lovely puppies and as a responsible breeder it must be ensured that our puppies needs are put first