Our Dogs

We have a new generation of 4 show type cocker spaniels Nancy, Fleur, Purdy and Moana. Our girls will be ready for breeding starting in the spring of 2022. 

Fleur is a orange roan cocker, she is fun and is quite a comedian – she grows a little punk hat of hair on her head that looks like a feathered wig!

Nancy is a orange roan cocker, she is friendly, sociable and always greets you with a big smile! She loves nothing more than lounging in the sun and sniffing about on long walks.

Purdy is a chocolate roan, she is full of enthusiasm for life! Her constantly wagging tail and enormous personality keeps us laughing daily.

Moana is laid back in the extreme! She is chocolate and tan and is exquisitely beautiful and very affectionate.

Dad is Alfie, a miniature poodle who is 14 inches to the shoulder. He is absolutely delightful and incredibly friendly. Alfie is a apricot miniature poodle and is very much adored by the ladies!

He has a wonderful character, he is very playful and loves sniffing around our woods. Alfie simply loves to be loved; he is very affectionate and loves attention.

Alfie is PRA eye tested clear.

Our Cockapoos are all F1s ( Cocker Spaniel to poodle). The parents of our puppies are bred for both their looks and personality. As such the puppies make fabulous family companions. We make it a top priority to socialise our puppies within our home, family and with other pets (our horses, and young nieces and nephews).