Training Your Cockapoo

Maison Jolie feel that the best way to train your Cockapoo is through Positive reinforcement; this works by using praise and positive actions or rewards, rather than punishment or correctional actions, to teach your dog right from wrong.

The key with this type of training is to determine what it is that motivates your dog, and use that motivator as a reward after good behavior. In positive reinforcement dog training you can use treats, toys, physical affection, verbal praise or a combination of any of those, to reward your puppy for correct behavior.

Crate training, this is something that we strongly suggest when buying a new puppy. A crate can aid training significantly, your puppy will learn to use the crate as a safe sanctuary and somewhere he can rest and take comfort. A crate is also useful when travelling and also when the hustle and bustle of every day life comes too much for a young puppy. If you leave the door open on the crate you will probably find that the puppy will go in on his own accord however when training a puppy to sleep through the night it can often help and reduce mess caused over night such as chewing and going to the loo!

Puppies and Children, Raised in a House with 3 young children; Our puppies are always well socialised and introduced to young children and also other pets, however, like young children sometimes playing for too long can get too much which is when separation from young children and nap time is important during the day. Always supervise young children and dogs as often children can unknowingly be too rough with little puppies. We Always introduce slowly the children to the young puppies so they become aware of each other.

Toilet training your puppy, As soon as you wake up make sure your puppy goes straight outside to go to the loo, and reinforcing the puppy’s good behavior with praise. Generally after your puppy has eaten; these are the times when your puppy needs to go outside. Don’t shout at your puppy if the puppy goes to the loo in the house, just put him outside and firmly tell him no so that he knows what is expected of him.